Den architektury (Architecture’s day) : Živé hraní k promítání ► Malí architekti

The morning of the Saturday 30th of September, started in PRAHA with a very interesting workshop for children in honor of the architecture’s day.

The day´s script of the workshop, was first of all, to discuss and make a general idea os the day and the proyects that they were going to do. They played with lights and shadows through projector and some noises. Then the kids started to draw they’re ideas of architectures, outdoors or indoors, for after showto everyone, having the chance to explain they’re projects.

Once they have the idea clear, was the time for start to made by polystyrene different kinds of architectures with the help of the teachers. Those structures that were going to be part of the magic city on the stage of PRAHA. The pictures will talk by themselves.

From my point of view, the children were very concious and they did a very good job there. The workshop was pretty dinamic and they didn’t have time for be bored.

My congratullations to the staff in PRAHA who are dealing with the workshops. I had good time watching they’re job and the children.

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