SCAPADE >> Valtice / Břeclav

Saturday 14th October. Last days of Babí léto ( autumn spring )

We spent de all day in Valtice, famous and historial city. Looks like is made by grape’s gold. The wine has an important paper in the tourism and way of life for the citizens. After visit the gardens, the castle, the botanical garden and few streets of people who live in, we took the train for come back to Brno, but in the way we stopped in Břeclav. Very nice choice.

The city, and even more in the night, doesn’t have anything in common with Valtice.  I felt confortable there. Industrial appareance, original in soul, much alive. Has quite nice river and I was amazed by the church in the middle of the avenue (St. Mary parish church, in Poštorná district, is a Neo-Gothic church built from 1895-1898 with special bricks from local factory).  Apparently and accord with the aesthethic of the city; techno music and raver has an important place. I will have to make deeper reseaches. I will be happy to come back.

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