OPEN SPACE [on arrival training OSTRAVICE]

On-arrival training EVS 19.-24.10.2017 OSTRAVICE

Unfortunately, I have just few pictures of the on arrival training in Ostravice, where I spend the last 5 days. We were all time doing things, learning from each other, playing educational games, going for a trip to the land or making fire.

This pictures belongs to an open space activity we made in the morning of Monday. We start with introduction to Yoga at 8am and following with another workshops: zumba and salsa dance;  viola; roma culture and daily life; brexit and shoulder massage; macedonian cyrilic; basic russian and armenian culture; how to chopping trees; how to work with kids and how to work with people with disabilities, AFS organization…

In this on- arrival training we learned how to learn; how to do a project properly; the basic tips to understand EVS program and how it works; how to do the best in those months; general culture and some tips for our stay in CZ; we checked out each of the projects and we practiced successfully non- formal education. Thanks coordinators, for bring us this usefull experience that we are going to put in practise surely in our personal EVS, and thanks to the marvelous team we were in Ostravice, very open- minded and easy- going.

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