Kateřina Šedá. Made in Slavutych

PRESS- CONFERENCE PRAHA V BRNE 25/10. Weeding  of Czech couples in Ukranian style in MORAVIAN GALLERY – JURKOVIČ HOUSE 26/10


PART I 2015- 2017

The final stage – on June 3, 2017! Czech artist Kateřina Šedá works on the project in Slavutych, which involves as many inhabitants as possible applying for a visa, so that the city may get to the Guinness Book of Records. Moreover, one citizen will be selected from each hundred applications, and he or she will receive an official invitation from the Czech Republic including the covering of all costs of travel and accommodation. It will happen as follows: All the citizens of Slavutych will receive an official invitation from Kateřina Šedá to take part in a common cultural event in the Czech Republic. Then they will fill in the visa applications, and officially submit them, with the attached photographs, on June 3, 2017, on the Slavutych City Day. The event will constitute one of the highlights of the celebrations that have a long tradition in the city. The record will then get the Book of Records readers and fans from all over the world to know about Slavutych city. Slavutych may become a place that will inspire other cities around the world. A city that proves how necessary it is to do something together.  https://madeinslavutych.org/en-presentation/about 

PART II 2017

website of Kateřina Šedá


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