solo exhibition SKUPINA Jihlava

Nothing to Hear


 OPENING November 23. 11. 2017

 >>>>>>>>23. 11. 2017 – 4. 3. 2018.<<<<<<<

IGLOO galery

SKUPINA has the opening of the sound installation in the sound gallery IGLOO in Jihlava. Their installation is a record of resonance of empty space. The work demonstrates how the individual’s testimony, personal history and memory are lost in space. Refers to an act of ignorance, neglect. Termination is void in the noise.

The exhibition follows the residency of Skupina at KRA – Kravín Rural Arts.


In 1969 Alvin Lucier made a recording entitled I Am Sitting in a Room. He captured his voice transmitted into a room. Then he replayed the recording and captured it again on a magnetic tape. This process was repeated 32 times, until his voice disintegrated into resonances of space. Skupina repeated this action, but without adding its own sound intervention. The work is thus a recording of resonances of an empty space. Its aim wasn’t to demonstrate the acoustic limits of space nor point to a physical aspect of disappearing frequencies. It demonstrates the disappearance of a utterance of an individual in space, his or her own history and memory. It reacts on the response of the space itself. The recording of the resonance of an empty space refers to the act of ignorance, neglect. The audio track is accompanyed with the fragments of the text. The image is something that stands in background and does not demand a deeper attention. The statement dissolves in the noice of emptiness.

The interest of the art collective Skupina lies in phenomena of our culture that are perceivable and expressable with sound. Skupina considers events, occuring in audio dimension or convertable to this dimension, to be objects – via listening, sound work, sociological imagination, recording, reinterpretation, oral and audio history and acoustic ecology. Through the process of materialization and dematerialization of the original statements, it attempts to – in abstract as well as material level – look for and deconstruct the borders of possible metamorphoses of the researched phenomena in our living reality.



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