Trevor Dunn & Balazs Pandi / Anthony Pateras & eRikm

26/11/2017 >>>>>>> PRAHA / Fórum pro architekturu a média >>>>>>>>>>>>

Two duo presented on stage:

Firstly coming directly from NEXT Festival in Bratislava, the composer and pianist Anthony Pateras together with French improviser and artist eRikm.

Secondly the american bass player and composer Trevor Dunn together with Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandim.

> Trevor Dunn <
American bass player, bass player and music composer, who since the 1980s worked as a co-founder of Mr. Bungle, who worked until 2004. During his career in 1998, he co-founded the Fantômas with Mike Patton and, after the summer of 2012, the band Tomahawk. Legends say he is a long-time associate of John Zorn, with whom he also worked in the Electric Masada group. He also worked with the Melvins.

> Balazs Pandi <
A Hungarian drummer who collaborated and traveled around with various world artists from different corners of the planet. Keiji Haino, Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Last Step, Live and Shave in LA, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Zu are worth mentioning. He also worked as a drummer in the band Blood of Heroes. Since 2009, he has been playing a drummer’s role playing live with the Merzbow Japanese noise master.

<Anthony Pateras>
Australian composer, pianist and electronic improviser, known for his countless compositions. His work explores sound and its derived mutations through variable constellations of notation, improvisation and electroacoustic materials. He is the author of more than 50 works that discover the unusual acoustics or physical phenomena.

A French improviser, a visual artist and composer, who has been active since 1992. He is known for his work with record players, in which he keeps constantly fusing thoughts, instincts and sensitivities in his play. By monitoring the concurrency of the processes, it solves the interplay between the various methods of composition that touch all possible means of expression. His improvising collaboration with artists such as Luc Ferrari, Christian Marclay, Dieb13, Otomo Yoshihide, Mathilde Monnier, Bernard Stiegler, and FM Einheit in particular.

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