CONCERT ██████- Nikander – Zmar

1/ 12/ 1017
██████ (nothing)
post-black // Plzen

Nearly five years back in Brno, Nothing aka ██████ – an atmospheric black metal from Plzeň who is not afraid to go to noises, ambient or scream. They are known across borders, and maybe they will not be under the borders.
Starting with the release of the first record of the year 2013, their first name is spreading, which is also confirmed by the interview for Cvltnation. The album was followed by a pairing with the American Old Soul, with which the band cut twenty tours.

sludge-metal // Brno
A crusher behind which the sound of the sound is steadily rolling. A machine with a stoner’s heart, a lot of mud and a hatchery that does not hide behind the guitar wall.The December concert will be one of the few before the release of their first LP. And maybe some of the new additions are being uncovered.

emo hardcore // Prague

The grouping has been rolling for four years in the darkness of the world. Their demo, working with a burst of energy and explosiveness, will lightly clutter you into the nettle of the nettle.


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