Celebratory Opening of The Wrong Biennale Embassy, Prag in Brünn

4/ 12/ 2017
The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale v PRAHA

Curated by: Michal Mitro


Ladies and gentlemen:
My name is Mr. Cheffia de Gabinette and I am a leading manifesto team that is very committed to taking part in this event. I urge you to attend the opening ceremony of the false biennial of the new digital art message, as your participation is most needed because mediated parties will receive refreshments only if they arrive earlier.
We advise:
1) Audiovisual trash performance with single-breed features in the manifest
2) VR Yoga with Samuel Velebny from the Arsenal Linz and his exclusive installation
3) virtual events in metazoa.org
4) The best selection of the wrong biennale – video presentation
5) Friendly (not on posters) before dinner and welcome drink Post Fake Turn / Doctor’s Conference FaVU 2017
6) Free Type of Sandwiches, Small Talk, Beer and Dance (optional)
7) Can a new media elite come from far-reaching baskets and bring us a Bryndza (Nikolas?)?
We are very much looking forward to you and I can not wait for you.
Be protected by God and your family

Mr. Cheffia de Gabinette


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