PAF FESTIVAL 2017. Olomouc. CZ

A four-day PAF Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art (held annually in December in Olomouc) // Music biennale PAF at the End of Summer // PAF New York // LITR – book fair of authorial and artistic publications // XY – exhibition event // Vitrína Deniska – exhibition space
Yearlong dramaturgical and production activity
Curatorial exhibitions, projections and workshops at home and abroad
Publishing and editorial activities
Attendance and presentations at conferences, symposia and festivals at home and abroad
Distribution of Czech moving image


I was in  PAF Festival for first time on Friday and Saurday. I have some pics but not much, Were enough photographers who are publishing the pictures already in the facebook page of PAF festival: 

The program has variety for satisfy all the public who went there. Animation screenings, lectures, workshops, concerts from different kinds of music, and the OFF program in Vertigo (in front of the main building where was taking place PAF), and galeries around the city. Was nice as well to go to the nice Cinema Metropol for some of the screenings.

Were highlight for me the following parts of the program (Unfortunatly I was not able to check all)

Screenings: Lawrence Lek: Sinofuturism (1839, 2016), 2016; Jacky Connolly: Hudson Valley Ruins, 2016. ; The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Karel Zeman / Teeny- Tiny and the witch Woman by Gene Deitch as examples of horror fairytale. ; ESIOD 2015, 2016. Director: Clemens von Wedemeyer; Parade, 2015. Director: Shahryar Nashat, a cinematic adaptation from choreography by Adam Linder, which reinterprets a 1917 ballet by Jean Cocteau.

Lecture + screenings: Charlotte Prock (UK), one of the judges of Other Visions 2017 (annual competition of Czech moving image), introduced Cinenova, a distribution company focused exclusevely on female artist working in the field of moving pictures; In general all works, mostly from FAMU (Faculty of fine arts in Prague), which were shown in Other Visions, concurse curated by Michal Novotný; Georgy Bagdasarov: Buenos Aires Experimental; Contemporary Czech Animated Documentary Films: screening of newst animated documentaries;

Concerts/ performances : DJ Heroin (DE); I love 69 Popgej·u; Gaika (UK), with his “ghuettofuturism” got out of the line of the other performances and headlines from the festival and has a huge success within the visitors of PAF; Ink Midget b2b Pjoni, DJ Heroin.

Installation / Performance: JONÁŠ STROUHAL Dr. Brain. (laboratory, an operating theatre and a studio all in one, where you can try out different ways to hack your own brain. Thanks to the neurofeedback technique, a volunteer test subject paints with their eye movements in virtual space: if their attention slips the line breaks off, almost as if the colour has gone. But the brain wants to finish the work.)





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