Prostor Pro uměni/ Space for art


12/ 12/ 2017

Christmas in Dikobrasz magazine

PROSTOR PRO has brought to PRAHA V BRNĚ a generous amount of cartoons and cartoon jokes that have been published for over forty years on the pages of the satirical and humorous Dikobraz magazine.

The visual artist and university educator Pavel Ryška will introduced us to the changes in the concept of Christmas holidays in the anecdotes of Jiří W. Neprakty, Vladimír Renčín and others.



From the attempts to replace Jesus with the Granddad Draza, through the exchange of comet at the top of the Christmas tree behind Sputnik, reminding of the successes of the Soviet missile program, to the sarcastic comments addressed to the consumer character of the celebrations. Advent view of the past with humor.

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