S(o)unday mixtapes ► Vtípil/Rozbořil/Svoboda

21/ 01/ 2018

Mixtape In Progress

Dramaturg: Ján Solčáni

This time Tomáš Vtípil presents with Blahoslava Rozbořil and Jonáš Svoboda.

Live session & live recording. Tomáš Vtípil plays material from his elaborate mixtape, accompanied by Jonas Svoboda and Blahoslav Rozbořil is complemented by a play on the physiofonograph.

Tomas Vtipil
Multiinstrumentalist, performer, composer of film and stage music and noise producer.

Blahoslav Rozbořil
Sociologist of art, pedagogue and performer. His physiofonograph is a combination of an old pedal sewing machine and a phonograph, on which are played linocut plates creating trailing noise structures.

Jonas Svoboda
Student of Multimedia at FaVU, is working on video. You know from the project Pavel Ondračka.


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