17/ 01/ 2018

4 AM / PRAGUE join the International Network of Organizers on January 17, 2018 and celebrates the fiftieth fifteenth birthday of the arts. *** One of the artists who performed this celebration is the exceptional Slovakian musician Ján Boleslav Kladivo accompanied by Kamil Grebeň. After the concert, the teacher and author Ladislav Čumba did a lecture based on the Wittgenstein family. For the end, dada clausure party with the electro-rap formation PTAKZ.


Ján Boleslav Kladivo has been a part of the music scene for 25 years, but his debut album Nahá (Gregor Agency, 1995) is still alive thanks to compositions like Mariena or Rozeta.

The songs that you’re supposed to “stop dancing” have also been released on the album “Rozhladňa” (Sun Records, 2008), which the critics awarded in 2009 with the Radio_Head Awards. A year later, Marien was also awarded the new version of Noisecut.

Hammer is the author of thirteen electroacoustic albums and in the years 2005-2016 he collaborated with other representatives of contemporary Slovak electronics – such as Dan Matthew and Martin Burlas in Over4tea, or Petr Zagar and Jule Fujak (Falling vaults, 2016)

In April 2017 he released his sixth song album Matterhorn (Vlna Records) and in the spring of 2018 he prepares the album Magnetische Welle, which was created in cooperation with Elizabeth Malovec and Michael Zanoletti.

Bassist and baryton bassist will accompany him at the concert by Kamil Grebeň.

***************************************************** ***
“PTAKZ is an electro-rap crew of people who like to play and play together
Lut thrombosis, Lactose Ellen, Edosh, Smrad, PhoeniCZ, Rhino Gavel, Qbeat and also Jakub Matei, who makes covers and videos. Thinks are created either spontaneously and arbitrarily between different members and members of the crew or as part of the projects under the PTAKZ roof, which is Edosh Kurler (Edosh, Tromboza, Laktoza, Jakub Matei)
SEkS (Smrad and PhoeniCZ), Idkfa (Smrad). Some of the birds also whistle solo, such as Rhino Gavel, Smrad, Edosh, PhoeniCZ and Qbeat. Sound PTAKZ waves somewhere in raw acid electro, dubstep, trap, hip hop. Beats is doing PhoeniCZ and Edosh. Lyrikz is hard to generalize, but it could be described as sour, provocative,
queer, thirsty, personal flurries of mourning or aggression, everything possible ..

Concerts are the fire, the pressure and the whirlwind of the words to beat the beats that match you from the roof and pull you up again at the same time. Echt! Kvok! Theft! ”



Professional teacher. Not only Czech for foreigners. At the end of 2016 he published in the Argo humorous novel with pictures called Wittgenstein’s book of facts. Author of the Wittgenstein Theatrical Games in Kladno (unfinished 2009), Seals of Josef P. (unfinished 2010) and History of Conspiracy in Bohemia (unfinished 2011). He also wrote two textbooks for the School of Applied Arts (Hranice Beletrie, 20th Century Literature for Students of Non-Philological Fields,  2014. The History of Book Culture, The Cookbook Case,  2015.). Author of libretto for comic mini-miniatures: Observatory opera, Death of the author, Dalibor’s departure (2007-2009). One of the founders of the civic association Skutečnost ( A longtime associate of the magazine Babylon (


Wittgenstein’s Facts Book (Argo, 2016)

The fictional text, with superficiality, depicts the story of a large capitalist family. He described the family after the capitalist departure. Like some of his Poldi women, some Kladno citizens still keep in mind. Imagine that the transfer of the steel holding to the heirs in the years before the First World War did not proceed smoothly. Imagine the Kladno-Pittsburgh store in 1912. Imagine one of their children has refused to take over the property.
Imagine that this son preferred the teacher’s path. Imagine becoming a leader in his field. Imagine being a teacher at Cambridge. Imagine that the only book published in his life begins with the words: The world is all that is a fact. Imagine a book that consists of the very facts. The fact is that the son of Poldi and Karel Wittgenstein was named Ludwig Wittgenstein. The fact is that he became the most influential teacher of philosophy at the University of Cambridge in the 20th century.



ART’S BIRTHDAY, a worldwide birthday celebration, began on January 17, 1963, one of the members of the Fluxus arts movement, Robert Filliou, who claimed that art was born 1,000,000 years ago when a prehistoric artist laid the dry sponge in a water bowl. Since then, artists around the world have been organizing a “birthday party” commemorating the memory of this Filliou performance gesture and his dream of everlasting artists – The Eternal Network.

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