25/ 01/ 2018

Prague based independent electronic label Bad Names come to Brno for the first time. Their first moravian showcase offers dystopic soirée and songwriting 3.0. Manic brain dance friendly.

Tomáš Martínek aka TMA is a Czech musician and multimedia programmer based in Prague. His first EP Pohledy was released in 2015. His music is full of field recordings, resonating pads and pulsing sub-bass. Live performance is based on piano improvisations and algorithmic visuals.

Lukas Landa is a czech musician and architect based both in Prague and Zürich. The second album Islands (2016) is mournful and softly treading, but hymnal at the same time. It combines simple acoustic guitar picking with stealthy electronic patterns and discreetly pulsating beats and hides imaginative arrangements in gloomy foggy echoes. Live performance is except for guitar and voice based on playing different samples on a 16 pad controller, which gives the show character of a live concert.

Spomenik’s instrumental compositions bear the stories of futures that have never happened and dystopies that are yet to come. Spomenik creates constantly transforming world where dark musical wastelands and claustrophobic spaces filled up with volatile beats randomly appear and disappear. Debut EP Contingency which was released under his own label Bad Names stands somewhere among the dark visions of producers like Arca, Kuedo, Fatim Al Quadiri or Jam City.

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