S(o)unday mixtapes ► Aquifer

28/ 01/ 2018

Aquifer is a solo electronic performance by Tomer Baruch in which he explores the possibility of a made-up nostalgia. By live sampling and processing toys and vintage organs, the music is retaining a hint of familiarity in a futuristic soundscape; shifting from naive to abstract and vice-versa; projecting the illusion of a longing to something that never were… ​

Tomer Baruch is an interdisciplinary musician with an interest in a wide variety of genres, ranging from popular music to jazz, post-african and experimental electronic music. He has studied piano at the Jerusalem Music Academy and Sonology at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, released two critically acclaimed solo albums (“The Nature of Not Knowing” and “Four Lullabies”) and several others with various bands and ensembles. His upcoming album, “Subterranean Currents” is due to be released on SØVN Records in winter 2018.


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