Burn And Move To Trash ♰ ♰ ♱The Wrong Biennale Embassy Dernisage

☆☆☆13/ 02/ 2018 ☆☆☆


1st public presentation of top selection of bad large scale drawings made while shitting.
1st dish:
Wrong explained  – presentation of what happened in past three months (did it happen already?).
Main course:
Immortalising the Curating Spam pavilion of wrong biennale by burning it to indestructible 100 years lasting (minimum) future-proof DVD.
By bringing your USB you would have your data immortalised too.
Will be attempt to have the DVD stored forever at annals of registry office of Brno.
Virtual performances by various cool media artists (TBA soon).
Something to actually eat:
Spam (česky “lančnmít”).
All Night Special:
Unlimited participatory media noise set with open mix plug and play or plug and not play or plug and lick and unplug or so bring your own sound producing objects, ideally with jack plug.

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