S(o)unday mixtapes ► Jiří Lindovský

18/ 02/ 2018

The sound collector Jiří Lindovský with his Animal Music project, features at PRAHA Cultural Center / Forum for Architecture and the Media.

“Animal Music” is a small internet gallery of sound compositions, sonography, field recordings, and acoustic games. The author, through the founding of this site, has fulfilled a childhood dream of hiding some interesting sounds associated with weather, elements, machines, animal life, or heard in a dream. In childhood, it was just paper and pen instead of a microphone and the Internet. Today, he likes to collect or compose a lot of small sounds, for example, under intense symphony he considers pulling the blinds, clicking on the switch or when the brush falls on the stairs …

Jiří Lindovský was born in Olomouc. At the University of Prague he studied Neurobiology and neurons, he spent some time in Prague and for a while in Paris, where neurons are more mature and crunchy. Currently, he is acting at the Czech Academy of Sciences in the field of hearing neurophysiology. Sounds began to record after he realized that it would not be that easy with scents.


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