stanica žilina-záriečie

Friday 9 – Sunday 11 / March / 2018



Weekend in žilina where I visit the amazing cultural complex Stanica žilina-záriečie and the five volunteers they have at this time, who host me and show me how Stanica works.

I was as well in the protest of Žilina for the death of investigative journalist what sparks mass protests in all Slovakia. Ján Kuciak and his fiancee were killed after he wrote an article linking politicians to the mafia and anyone wants to answer the questions by the journalist from the politicians.

The original building and the surrounding area of ​​the old, yet still functional railway station Žilina – Záříčie in the environs of Rondel, in Žilina, has been a combination of an independent cultural space, an art laboratory and a team of activists and friends since 2003.

They described they’re dramaturgy as eclectic and sometimes hectic, trying not to be a dozen, and they made Stanica to live alive. Beyond genres and generations.

In addition to festivals, shows, concerts, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, a residential center for young artists, cafes and other activities, the station continues to serve as a waiting room and a ticket point for train tickets from Žilina to Rajka.

The station is run by the Truc sphérique civic association, which was established in 1998. In addition to the station, the association has also been renovating and operating another cultural area – the New Synagogue – Kunsthalle Žilina. We belong to Trans Europe Halles’ international network of independent cultural institutions, based on civic initiatives by young people revitalizing empty industrial and commercial premises for contemporary art and cultural and social activities. In Slovakia we are co-founders of Antennas – Networks for Independent Culture. We are also proud of our own extensive network – a family of visitors, sympathizers and supporters without whom our existence would not make sense.


We write a station with a large S and number its individual chapters. Building S1 from 1946 we acquired a 30-year symbolic lease from ŽSR. Under our hands it underwent a major reconstruction. In 2009, space was significantly expanded by the alternative construction of the S2 theater. The planned extension of the S3 building from the ship’s containers matures in the project phase. The complex also includes a garden – around the Station we build a summer yard with a terrace and a children’s playground, and we also take care of an adjacent piece of park with a legal graffiti wall.



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