Videogram 74 / Elena Veljanovska

07/ 03/ 2018

Videogram series of commented screenings and lectures.

Elena Veljanovska is Macedonian curator and culture manager , resident of Agosto Foundation, who talk by this edition of Videogram about Macedonia´s contemporary political art.

The former, nationalistic government extensively rebuild public space, covering it with historized sculptures, monuments and new decorative buildings and striving to reframe Macedonian history and creating a new memory. However, the government’s radical visual program also spawned resistance in the civil society, which gradually built up from small protests against the new political vision and culminated in what is now remembered as the “Colorful Revolution” – a series of anti-governmental protests that eventually resulted in the 2017 change of government. This lecture will touch on trends of historicization of the present in Europe and attempt to show how the politics of memory in the Macedonian case influenced processes of change and emancipation in the spheres of civil society and arts. It will on focus on the Macedonian contemporary art production of the past 10 years, and present practices that used a mixture of artistic strategies combined with political action for questioning and confronting state power.

Elena Veljanovska is a freelance curator and cultural project manager from Macedonia who takes inspiration from cultural theory and the humanities, the development of digital technology, sciences, and politics with an emphasis on the politics of memory.

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