Lucia Repašská ► Structuring reality

14/ 03/ 2018

# lecture on Theme and Intermedia from the TIM Panel (subject taught in the field of Theory of Interactive Media at FF Muni in cooperation with PRAHA / Forum for Architecture and Media)


Can it be decomposed? To what extent is freedom perceived as a burden? Can you determine where the creator’s responsibility ends and where does the audience start?

On the groundwork of the D’epog production platform, director Lucia Repašská introduces the intermediate aspects of performativity. The lecture is focus on the strategy of power distribution in the formation of pluralistic semiotic potential and the concept of the decomposition method of creation as an ethical gesture.

The main axis of the lecture is the relationship of the creator-work-recipient, the theme of space dramaturgy and the insight into the process of synthesizing and layering of structures while working on a live production work.


D’epog is a platform for contemporary experimental production. The activity of the group is of laboratory character. D’epog explores the theater and explores the theater. The primary material used by D’epog to articulate them is an actor and space.

D’Epog is a genre winding on drama and motion theater, performance and multimedia. Besides staging, he has an important position in his production of actor’s expressiveness. An important part of D’Epog’s workshops are workshops focused on actor training, action installation, and energy and extreme work.




Director and artistic chief of the experimental D’epog platform. The form of artistic research focuses on the limits of the audience perception of today’s audience. It deals with the phenomenon of acting training and experimental scenic creation on site-specific, drama, intermedia and performance. As a creator moving on the interface of an alternative and underground scene, she cooperates with prominent personalities of independent culture.

The creation of the ensemble D’epog through lectures (seminars and workshops focused on the topic of preposition, assembly and space dramaturgy) is regularly presented at a number of conferences and theater festivals both at home and abroad.

Lucia studied theater direction at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno in the studio of Arnošt Goldflam. In 2015, DIFA JAMU defended and at the same time delivered a dissertation thesis Decomposition Principles in Staging. She spent her studies in Poland (PWST Krakow) and Denmark (Odin Teatret, Holstebro) and worked with directors and educators such as Krystian Lupa, Bogdan Hussakowski and Eugenio Barba.


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