Tuesday / 20.3. / 19.00

The winter edition of the Nude Fime Festival is an event in the festival’s mid-season. The aim of the event is to support the idea of ​​the festival by presenting selected video recordings of performances and information on the course of the festival. We do not exclude live action. The Nude Form Festival is a monothematic and multi-genre festival. Its content is predictable and unimaginable. The name reveals the point of each action, and therefore we need to free it from too much fixation on it. We can make a break at home and at the festival enjoy all the other meanings that nudity can have in different contexts and interpretations.

Idea festival:

The reason for setting up our monothematic and multi-genre festival was the fascination of the “naked situation” and the reaction of people to it. “Naked situation” is called the moment of meeting a naked human body in public space. In the first moments of such a meeting, physiological, emotional, and intellectual processes can be coexisted at varying degrees of intensity. This is also why some recipients can not handle such information immediately and interpret it correctly. The history of the misinterpretation of naked situations is relatively long (significant milestones in the field of fine arts can be, for example, efforts to distinguish art and pornography, which were intensively carried out in the 1950s and 1960s, or some manifestations of feminist art), but with similar “quick” we are still meeting today. On the other hand, the specific effectiveness of naked situations is also a frequent reason for their exploitation of abuse, whether in art or in commerce under the familiar slogan “Sex Sells”. We are convinced that, for a proper understanding of “naked situations”, we can not rely on “nature” (especially in this case, rather, the gate that manipulates), but some special literacy, knowledge and insight need to be acquired. “Naked situations” need to be explored and actively experienced.

The festival and conferences that open the whole festival thus become a place of encounters, inspiration and confrontation of views of nakedness from perspectives of artistic creation, humanities, activism, etc.

Artists FNAF 3 .:
Beate Linna / Germany /
Christian Schmidt – Chemnitzer / Germany /
Non Grata / Estonia /
Steve Vanoni / USA /
Gerardo Juarez Jurado / Mexico /
Patrick Jambon / France – Germany /
István Kovács / Hungary /
Nenad Bogdanovic / Serbia /
Willem Wilhelmus / Finland /
Dariusz Fodczuk / Poland /
Przemyslaw Kwiek / Poland /
Martin Zet / CZ /
Jiří Surůvka / CZ /
Frantisek Kowolovski / CZ /
Petr Lysacek / CZ /
Vladimir Havlik / CZ /
In Veritas Sachet / CZ /
Kača Olivová / CZ /
Darina Alster / CZ /
Mojmír Pukl / CZ /
Tereza Froncova / CZ /
Lukáš Essender / CZ /
Zuzana Kleinerová / CZ /

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