Prague in Brno in Prague – Žižkov Night

24/ 03/ 2018

Punctum – Krásova 27,  Praha, Česká Republika 

Brno showcase on Žižkov …

Kutya – Skupina – S.m.r.k. – Lolina (UK) – Dlab


Solo project by Markéta Lisé from Midi Lidi.



The artistic group Skupina is interested in the phenomena in our culture, which are perceptible and vociferous to sound. For phenomena that are in the audio dimension or are convertible into this dimension, the Group approaches as objects, through listening, sound creation, sociological imaging, recording, reinterpretation, intervention, oral and aural history, and acoustic ecology. The process of materialization and dematerialization of original messages attempts – in an abstract and tangible plane – to seek and deconstruct the boundaries of possible changes in the phenomena under examination in our experience.ç


Kraut 8-bit psycho techno from TZCMNK debris.

(Analog monoculture)
Sýkora & Mirvis & Ryba & Kocour.

Back to the future. Burning dildo. Vampire teeth. Must-see & must-hear with tradition since 2017.
Subversive live band quoting commodore psyche kraut, post bzpunk and new wave. Music project for the sustainability of VHS technology.

“Let’s make Monoculture Great Again!”


Lolina (UK)
Inga Copeland from a joint project with Dean Blunt Hype Williams (Hyperdub) will perform under the pseudonym Lolina.


Soft, D’epog


Tickets and more info:

Dramaturgie: Prokop Holoubek ( PRAHA / Fórum pro architekturu a médiaBumbum Satori org

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