25. 03. 2018

A regular Sunday evening dedicated to experimental music, absorbed in the night by Roman Radkovič Collective, Mooncup Accident and Naše ano. The event is being created with the support of the South Moravian Region and media support of the A2 Cultural Weekly.


Roman Radkovič Collective
I had my band. I had 150 bands. It cost a lot of money. I bought drums, sounds. His brother was angry, and then he was a judge. And I say: Judge, I can not pay anymore, so what am I going to do … Well, what he would do would be in the institute, so I’m here in Tavíkovice. Sing as long as you do, you’re good, you sing, and when you take medicine.
Yellow Submarine, Sandokan, Sandokan, Mariana, Vinnetou, Vinnetou
Submarine, Titanic, Titanic, airship, airship, Vinnetou
America, America, President, there are people there, people there
He walks along the road, rides in cars
It’s a wheel, it’s spinning, that’s great
The boy laughed so he took it, soul
Vivá vívka rakive, hehou rakive, šalali
Sandokan, Sandokan, there are savages, there are soldiers
He fights, kills a tiger, is not a srab, no one is afraid
Sandokan, Sandokan
There are people, airships, the captain does not know what’s going to happen
The balloon explodes, jumps out of the windows, jumps out of the door
There are people there
Zlatovlásko, Zlatovlásko, Čičorečko,
The boy laughed
Zlatovlásko, Zlatovlásko


Mooncup Accident
While the 90s glitch, closely related to laptop music, was based on the aesthetization of waste sounds, Mooncup Accident (originally a duo, last year’s solo project by the Prague musician, publisher and dramaturgist Jan Klamma) is deliberately returning until the word glitch has yet to indicate anything other than a failure. Voices, dictaphones, guitars, sound toys, piezosmentiers and neurotic motions develop the ethics of a junkyard: garbage is not stuck in thoughtful collages, but buys in uneven scrumings. Creating Mooncup Accident is – like any good landfill – disorganized, layered, a little dangerous, yet appealing. They can find interesting things, or nothing. The latest album, Dead End Street, was released in December 2017 on the Klang-und-Krach brand.



Naše ano
A little improvisation, nerves, or annoyance makes us a trio production of Naše ano, which brought together the members of the Zablouduil(a), Massola, Ruinu (and many other formations), quite a normal living room. The two saxophones and the synthesizer will tell you to dig. Soil is soft and contaminated, like in a landfill. It is not so much about the need to look for something in it, much more like the joy of racing and the desire to break it. Drop, switch, occasionally relax. Bordel – Ade, Cunda, and Pata decided to say yes to him.





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