S(o)unday mixtapes ► Sounds Queer? Atari Punk with Violeta Gill

08/ 04/ 2018

How to build some noise? Atari Punk Synth – Basic Electronics Workshop

In this workshop the people will make they’re own DIY synthesizer for make some old school noises. Atari Punk Synth is a circuit originally called Stepped Tone Generator.

The first part of the workshop: some fundamental theoretical concepts of physics and electronics while practicing our soldering skills. Second: each of us building our own Atari Punk Synthesizer.

The workshop is a part of Sounds Queer? the project, aiming at creating a queer synthesizer laboratory and a queer safer space through electronic and computer music. Workshops prioritize femme, women, afab, non-binary, trans, queer folks but everyone is welcome as long as they are willing to reflect upon their own privileges (how easy it is for them to gain this kind of knowledge, how often do they speak/ reach out to teach the gear first) and take a step back to create more space for others.


Violeta Gill
Tech girl and culture manager from Madrid, Spain. She has been working on creative technologies and education during the last three years, teaching and organising workshops on e-textile, 3D Printing, and music & DIY electronics. In collaboration with visual artists, she has created several interactive installations involving capacitive touch sensors and new conductive materials. Among her most recent geeky passions can be found music production, that she applied in her personal project Matte/Glossy, and web development (since she loves the Internet).

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